You’re lucky to have what u have..

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“I don’t have this”,
“I don’t have that”,
If you haven’t heard this
expression from one of your close
associates it must most likely has
come from your own mouth. We
always tend to complain about
everything…how insufficient it is,
how unfair the world is…how so
many people don’t want to see the
best from us. To us everything is
not up to mark. We often forget
that the world is full of
imperfections and in order to be
happy we ought to look beyond
Its saddening that we don’t take
any time to think about the other
helpless people who live among us:
so helpless they are that they
depend on the mercies of nature to
survive. Among them are the street
kids who you can’t miss in any
major town in Kenya just a
representation of the vulnerable
masses among our midst.
We have problems, they are a part
of life – they can’t miss but we
should not allow them to
overcrowd our minds that we even
forget that the little we have is a
luxury that someone elsewhere
can’t afford.
Walk to an orphanage and see how
cruel the society can get at times…
here there are kids, kids who have
no place in society because they
have been incapacitated in one way
or the other. Their disabilities –
something they have nothing to do
with, have made their presence in
the social world a bother to say
the best. The society is ashamed of
them that it can’t live with their
existence among “normal people”
that it sends them to homes where
their interaction with the outside
world is completely blocked out
but just the good gesture of well-
wishers gives them an opportunity
to interact with others in the
Us who have been granted
everything always whine that it is
never enough…we always feel sorry
for ourselves because something
didn’t go according to our
expectation but have we ever taken
time to think about these kids:
some have no limbs, some can’t
talk, some can’t walk at all but
they depend on clutches and
wheelchairs just to move two steps,
some of them can’t see normally,
some can’t go to the washrooms
without the help of someone…they
are in so much suffering but
thanks to God most of them are
oblivious of it. What did you give
to be in superb health? What did
the kid do to find him/herself in
such a situation? NOTHING . It just
happened. It’s heartbreaking to see
a fully grown adult who cannot
pronounce their names correctly.
Humanity should be part of us and
that’s why we were called human
beings. We should always try to be
as considerate to others as much as
we would like others to be to us.
Some of us can’t even hold these
kids in our arms…some parents
would rather lock up a disabled
kid rather than show them to the
It’s high time we looked beyond
ourselves and accepted situations
that can never be changed. Thanks
to God N.G.Os have cropped up to
make the cries of our small
brothers and sisters but their work
won’t bear as much as it would
have unless the society accepted
that these people are part of us
and they should be accepted and
loved just like any other person.
So before you complain about
anything take a moment and think
of how many people wish to be in
your pace but they cant. Being
alive is itself a big gift that we
should be thankful about. These
kids have thousands of reasons to
cry but they find millions of
reasons to smile. What about you?
Shouldn’t you be smiling always?


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