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I choose to go on
Leave and disappear without a
Behind leaving the smiles you
Leaping to a future I know not
I have to go
My hand I have to wave
Although in my arms I would want
you to be
Going is hurting my being
Not having u is breaking my spirit
But princess, do i have an option?
You say u want me to stay on
Yet on my face you shut the door
You say in my arms you want to
Yet in them you are always rare
I wish I would believe all you utter
I wish actions could rubber stamp
All that you say you believe
I only have you in dreams
In my wishes that’s where u r real
Babie U say I should stay
But your actions say otherwise
The times we locked fingers
The cuddling under the stars
The always unending laughter
To imagine all was an act..


The authorKen

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