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“Where is Masinde Muliro University?” I remember someone asking some few months ago. Surprisingly they were just parked infront of the university gate.

“Its right infront of you”. I remember answering. That got me thinking. Whats so confusing about this institution that you cant even recognize it when infront of its own gate?
So much issues lie unsolved. Talk of rumours about misuse of funds meant to construct hall 4, nepotism in employment, a power hungry SGC, poor hygiene in halls of residence and lecture halls too,..and many more underlying problems. Let me not forget the 14 months holiday that the current third year students were involuntarily made to undertake due to mismanagement and poor planning of the administration.

MMUST prides itself to be the University of Choice..Really? I beg to ask what choices are these? Carrying seats to lecture halls for more than 300ms? Is it queuing at the Finance offices for hours only for the windows to be locked just because its 12.59? Is it taking substandard meals in M.C.U just because its mid semester? Is it lacking to do exams just because you have a 2000 fee balance? Is it lacking to secure a room in the university premises due to a fee balance (since when did accommodation get merged with tution) ? Are these the choices MMUST prides itself in?


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