I was once full of iniquity and transgression,
Full of self-importance and self-aggrandizement,
Full of myself and an untamed pride,
Sometimes self-loathing and unparalleled hate…
I was once a sinner… I still am.

I want to be on the other side,
You know, the greener side,
The side characterized by less heartache, less struggle, less pain…
The side characterized by more hope, more favor, more grace…
But I am stuck here, because of worldly desires I can’t let go…

Keep believing in me,
Keep praying for me,
Keep hoping on my behalf,
Keep being pure for both of us…

Don’t give up as yet,
Because if you do I will be lost,
Lost between an overdose and unsustainable hopes,
Lost between desiring sin and longing for earthiness,
Lost between kissing strangers and wanting ‘to feel’…

Keep praying for me… Because if you stop, we will never cross paths…


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