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Its been quite a journey for the African Icc Prosecutor. Inheriting shoddily investigated and politicized cases from Ocampo was quite a misfortune. As a Kenyan, 2008 was a dark year for me and every day I hope the perpetrators of the killings, looting, rape and displacement face justice one day. Can Bensouda give me and my akin the justice that we so much crave for? Thats not likely… Incidences of witness coaching, intimidation and most unfortunate withdrawal have characterised these cases. What are the underlying causes of all the above? One may ask. Is it prosecution dishonesty whose main aim was to doom some political careers of few individuals? Was it that the witnesses were actually coached to give false testimony? Are the witnesses being intimidated by allies of those indicted? Few possess the answers to the above questions.
The most important aspect of all this is that a case cant proceed without witnesses. As we wait for Wednesday’s status conference we should remember that justice cant be served by prisoning innocent individuals..(if at all they are).


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