I have wanted to tell this story for a long time.

(Reader Discretion is advised. Adult Content)

It’s around five o’clock when I alight from the Matatu at Tea Room. Coming from Meru, that was the last stop that I could have gotten off at so I take my backpack and head along Accra Road to Tuskys Imara. I need some snacks for the long journey ahead of me. It’s a sunny afternoon and despite the five-hour journey that I just went through, I am in high spirits.

I buy some cashew nuts, some peanuts and macadamia nuts. Nutting is a way of life in the place I am headed to.

I head down to Machakos country bus slowly listening to Vybz Kartel and the Bubble Gum riddim. That riddim was fire.

Bus choices are many so I choose one that’s engraved Barca on the side and sit in the second row from the door. Having been here so many times, I don’t sit by the window but instead choose the aisle seat. This is because the windows to these buses don’t close entirely and if you are traveling at night, you will be chilled to your balls.

I am too young. I need my balls. I haven’t cum enough as yet. So I choose the warmth over the view which isn’t so much of a view because the journey will happen at night.

If you have traveled to Busia or other parts of Nyanza or Western Kenya, you know what I am talking about.

I know better.

I place my backpack between my legs and try to get a nap before the bus is full for takeoff. I know it might take a while and as I indicated before, I have been here before. The seats are uncomfortable and un-adjustable so I sit stiffly and think of Celine Dion and her music.

My eyes close but sleep doesn’t give a shit.

The bus has like 40 or so passengers and as they come they pass by me and choose seats towards the rear of the bus.

The other reason I have decided to take this seat and not the one by the window is that I want to have a say in who sits next to me in the 12 hour’s journey. Everyone who looks at me and the seat next to me thinks that the seat is already taken. I don’t tell them otherwise. Besides, my eyes are closed.

The chicken comes in and after about 45 or so minutes, the bus is full with only the seat next to me not taken.

In the last minute rush, a girl (I assume) walks in, looks around the bus and she is almost walking off when the turnboy loudly asks me if or not the seat next to me has an occupant. I say no and I hear some sighs from the back.

Some people had been interested in sitting there. They couldn’t.

She walks over, and I stand up to allow her to pass so as to occupy the seat. She is in a black pencil dress that goes all the way to her ankles and a black blazer. She has dark sunglasses on and a colorful scarf. The sunglasses ensure that I don’t notice when she is or isn’t looking at me.

The journey commences some minutes to seven pm.

Navigating through traffic out of CBD isn’t easy and it’s even worse on Waiyaki Way. Upon reaching Kangemi, the wind from the open window becomes too much and I ask her to close the window. She doesn’t do it and that’s when I hear her soft snores.

She is fast asleep. I lean forward and stretch my hand in an attempt to protect myself from the stinging wind. The bus suddenly lurks forward and I accidentally place my hand on her breasts. It’s very unintentional and abrupt. My heart skips a beat since I am not sure how she will react to feeling my palms on her ample bosom.

She wakes up, (I notice because she takes off her sunglasses) and looks at me intently. She takes my hand, which has fallen to her lap and places it back on my laps. I had gotten too scared to even remove it from her body.

“Mambo, my name is Steph”

“Naitwa Ken. Pole for that. I was trying to close the window but sijui what happened, I guess the driver stepped on the brakes and my hand was jerked from the window to your chest. I am sorry.”

“It’s fine. Try to steady yourself next time or it will end up somewhere else”

“Hehe sawa. Do you mind closing the window? It’s getting rather chilly inside here…”

“I am not hot enough to keep you warm?”

“hahaha is that a trick question?”

“hehehe no”

“You are hot. But the chill outside is hotter. We don’t want to cool you down now, do we?”

She laughs out loud and proceeds to close the window, though with some slight difficulty. Must have been stuck or something.


“Yes. Thank you, Steph”.

She smiles at me and closes her eyes once more.

My phone vibrates and because of the fact that it is in my right pocket, she feels it and opens her eyes again. Before reaching out to get it, she stretches her body upwards and inserts her hand into my pocket and fishes the vibrating gadget out.

“I didn’t want your hands to find themselves in unwanted places as you tried to get that out. Here…” She places the phone in my hands and looks at me as keenly as I answer the call. It is Maish calling.

We talk for some few minutes and upon hanging up the conversation between Maish and me continues between she and I.

“You look like a university student. Where do you study?”

“I am in Maseno. I am in my fourth year.”

“Hehe I can never be wrong about these things. So, what are you studying Maseno Man?” She asks, intently looking at my lips.

“I am studying Optometry.”

“I won’t pretend I know what that means”

” Please don’t. It’s a seeing science.”

“That sounds easier. I am a businesswoman myself. I have several boutiques in Kisumu and I was in Nairobi to restock.”

“Male or female wear?”



After that dry conversation, silence ensues and I fall asleep. It isn’t as chilly as it always is and I wake up when I feel the bus stopping. I find her staring at me.

“Do I have something on my nose?”

“Hahaha no. I just like the way you softly snore when sleeping.”

I blush.

“I need to pass. Nataka kubuy something to eat.”

“Can I send you?”


I fish a 500 shillings note and ask her to bring me a one-litre bottle of flavored water.

She walks past me and as she does so, she stops momentarily and sits on my lap. At first, I think it was by mistake but when she gyrates her ass on my crotch I know it is as intentional as Baba’s oathing. My member responds instantly.

She feels the hardness and stands up to go and get what she and I wanted. Before she goes down the stairs, she looks back at me and winks.

“This is going to be an interesting journey,” I tell myself.

Almost everyone alights from the vehicle and when almost everyone is gone, I see her coming up the bus spiral. I see her hair first. She has plaited those “I am happily married” kinds of braids. So I know it’s her. Besides, compared to everyone else on the bus (I have almost seen them all) she is light.

She comes to where I am sitting and requests right of way.

The bag she had carried is half full of chicken wings and some fries. She hands me my water and descends down on the delicate delicacy. She doesn’t talk as she eats. I stare down at her and after taking several she looks at me looking at her and says:

“Will you help yourself or will you just kaa hapo ukiniangalia?”

Its like I had been waiting for the invitation all along. I start from one end while she starts from the other. I don’t even have any fries. I concentrate on the wings.

Who doesn’t want to fly?

After we are done, I take a sip of my water and hand over the bottle to her. After folding the wrapping paper and putting it in a plastic bag, she takes the water and takes several sips.

We engage in small talk until everyone is back on the bus and the movement resumes. The lights are switched off and the noise simmers down as people go back to slumber. Steph takes out a Maasai shuka from her bag and places it from her knees to her upper body. After she is done, she hands me the hem from the end of the shuka that’s on my side as a signal that I also need to cover myself up.

I take the hem and drape the shuka on my body up to my neck. This means that both our hands are inside the shuka and no one can see them. She has since placed her bag between her legs meaning that nothing is on top of her laps.

My hands are all this time between my legs. I am holding the shuka with my neck and sitting on it on my left. This will ensure that at no time will anyone see my body. The seat next to us is unoccupied because the occupants have since alighted.

Then I feel her hand searching for mine. The hand finds mine and she interlocks her fingers between mine. She has soft palms. The fingers are tender, thin and long. Mine is shorter but thicker. I open my eyes to see her facial expression but her eyes are closed shut.

I smile.

This is where things start getting interesting.

Her hand lets mine go and start caressing the whole arm. She starts by holding my whole palm inside hers and moves in circular motions as if giving me a tender massage. It goes over mine in smooth tender strokes doing each finger at a time.

I am starting to get aroused. I am not sure of her intentions but I am willing to see where this ends.

She lets go of my fingers and goes up to my forearm. She does the same massage like caresses, intentionally dealing with every inch at a time. She starts from my wrist and proceeds to my forearm muscles massage. Going up, she gets to the biceps of my right hand and does the same sensual dance with her fingers.

My breathing becomes labored when she stops and rests her hand on my lap. It’s actually my knee. It stays there for a while and when I think she is done, the movement starts again. This time she is more determined. No, she is more effective. She starts by just passing her hand over my thigh again and again severally, stopping for a minute or so after every journey and starts going towards my inner thigh.

She parts my legs softly so as to access my nethers and I let her. When I place my hand on her thigh she takes my hand and places it back where it was. She intends to be in control.

Her hand finds its way between my legs and she starts caressing the bulge that’s so hard now. My member is aching to be let go. She caresses the dent, again and again, pressing my balls softly once in a while. She is determined to make me as horny as possible. To what end? I have no idea.

She fiddles with my zip and when it gives in noisily, she tries to insert her hand inside my trousers but the opening is too small for her hand. I hear her sigh in frustration. Her head then disappears inside the shuka, upon which she unbuckles my belt, the waist button after which she reappears.

I look at her and she is smiling. I fiddle on the chair so that the trouser is as loose and as accessible as possible. Her hand goes inside again and this time around she doesn’t waste time on pleasantries. She goes straight to the hem of the briefs and accesses my member from my thighs.

I had expected her to approach from the waist, but this woman is full of surprises. She holds my member head using her first three fingers and starts moving her thumb over the head in slow circular motions. Pre-cum has already formed and once in a while when she passes her fingers over it, the liquid lubricates her fingers which makes it easier for her to do the caressing.

When I am fully hard, she again disappears inside and asks me to hold the shuka up so that it doesn’t form a depression when she goes down. It’s supposed to create the impression that she might be sleeping to anyone nosy enough to be watching us.

Immediately I hold the shuka and she disappears inside, I feel her hands on my waist and I raise my ass up so that she can take the boxers lower to completely free my longing manhood. My trouser is below my knees and the boxers join them there.

She slightly lifts my t-shirt and gives my lower abdomen kisses and tickles everywhere and a slight moan escapes my lips. I immediately look around to see if anyone heard me but everyone seems to be asleep or pretending to be.

At this instance, I give zero fs.

Her lips then go down to my thighs with her hand holding my member upright. She kisses my thighs slowly and seductively which makes me feel ticklish in every part of my body. When she feels my shivers, she lets her tongue grace the tip of my member in one fleeting, seductive moment. The sensation that this brief touch envelops me is untold.

I hear her spitting and I feel the warm feel of her saliva on the tip of my member. She knows wetter is more effective. I feel the saliva slowly flowing down the shaft of my member which is slowly followed by her hand. Because of the girth of the member, she only manages to hold like ¾ of the circumference and jerks it off slowly and intentionally.

Her right-hand goes up and down my member in circular motions with her left hand slowly caressing my balls. The precum and the saliva ensure that there is no friction anywhere between her hands and my fully erect penis.

She comes out (her head only) takes a sip of water and disappears inside again.

With her tongue out and flat, she finally takes my member into her mouth slowly and surely. The feel of her warm breath on my member causes a pulsating effect on it. It jerks once… and this encourages her to take some of the remaining bit inside her mouth.

I can feel her hot breath all over my body as her tongue slides slowly down, her hands on my balls, squeezing gently. I feel Steph’s lips wrap around the head of my manhood, touching nothing else, just the tongue whirling around deliberately. Her mouth slides all the way down to the base of my member and she sucks hard once. Just once… I feel like she is pulling cum from my balls.

She starts working lips, pressed tight against my hard mjulubeng, up and down, back and forth. Her hands then lay still on my balls, in a kneading kind of motion. She then slides off my member and spends some time licking and sucking my balls, not just the skin around my nuts, but my actual balls. She pushes my legs further from each other and takes them both into her warm and wet mouth. When she finally lets my balls fall out of her mouth, I grumble loudly, but that quickly turns into a moan when she takes my whole member in her warm mouth again.

She knows her way around my member. Saying she is a pro is a gross misrepresentation of her skills.

I bend down and whisper….

“If you continue that I will cum in your mouth”

She doesn’t seem to hear me. I think she ignores my concern because she spits on my member again and goes all the way to the base of my manhood. I can feel the glans at the back of her throat.


She gives me three hard, deep thrusts which make me empty my balls into her mouth. She slides down so that her lips are around just the head after which she sucks hard, pulling more cum out of me than I ever thought possible. It feels like gallons of cum are being poured into her mouth. She swallows everything that’s produced by my throbbing member.

I have to bite the shuka lest I scream in pleasure.

When the throbbing stops and the fountain dries, she pulls her mouth out of my still hard member and sits back in her chair. She looks around and after seeing that no one was watching, she comes in for a brief kiss which I am happy to give.

She tastes wet and warm.

“Can we switch seats?” I ask.


“I need to do you justice. That can only be done using my right hand.”

She smiles knowingly and lifts up and moves over to my left. I slide on the seat so that I am sitting by the window. I then cover her up and place my left hand on her shoulder. She is shorter than me so it is not such a hustle to make it slide on top of her dress and rest it on top of her left breast.

I then use my right hand to hold the hem of her dress and lift it up. She lifts her ass slightly to allow it to rest on her waist. I know she is wet already because of the servce she just gave me, so I don’t intend to waste my time. I slowly start the journey to her honey pot.

Her thighs are thick and full. They are soft and alluring. My mouth wets as soon as my hands pass over their insides. I part them slowly and the insides are even warmer. They are hot actually. Her juices have flowed down and as I continue my journey up, I am met by more fluids emanating from the spring of amazingness.

The heat increases as my right hand near her very eager essence. I can feel her body jerking with every tickle and squeeze. I pull her closer to me using my left hand and my lips gently pass over her earlobes. I have to bend a little to nibble them for just a moment in passing.

She moans loudly.

What meets me when I get to the junction of her legs is an uncovered mound of honey. She wearing a thong whose string has disappeared between her now wet essence. I pass my hands over her womanhood again and again once in a while letting my fingers grace her clit momentarily. I do this for a while over the flimsy piece of the cloth covering her cherry and when I know that the teasing is almost unbearable, I use my forefinger to gently slide the cloth to the side, after which my finger gently passes over her clit, which is more exposed now.

I feel the sides of her essence slowly and gently, carefully so as not touching her stiff clitoris. She is as wet as a Serengeti fountain. I move up and down her essence with her clitoris between my index and middle finger… Up and down slowly… pressing down and stopping… Pressing the clit gently between the two and flicking it left and right. Left and right… She gets wetter as I continue this stimulation.

When I am sure she is ready, I gently push my middle finger into her waiting hole… Her body stiffens and she leans back in my left hand and the chair. I slowly enter into this forbidden cave to explore. I am in search of a treasure… I push in and out… Once and twice, once in a while forcing her body to push her essence into my fingers. I take the finger out and allow my index finger to join it in the hunt…

There are slurping sounds coming from her essence as my fingers have their way with her womanhood. My member is so hard imagining what awaits it down there. When it gets too much, I feel her teeth on my shoulder with ‘I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiing’ whisper emanating from her lips.

She comes down in a vibration I haven’t felt before. I alternate between getting inside her and caressing her clit until she calms down.

When she was done, she leaned in again and kissed me on the lips. A wet and involving kiss.

“I need your member inside me.”

“I need your essence to envelop my aching self too.”

“How will that happen?”

“Inuka kidogo” I told her.

When she does, using my hands, I hold her by the waist and ensure that her body is between my legs. This means I have to part my legs as much as I can to accommodate her. When she is right on top of me, I straddle her legs slowly hold my member in an upright position and after wetting it with my saliva, I ask her to come down slowly and sit her essence on it.

Her dress is still up to her waist and at this point, we no longer care about anyone who might still be on the bus (most people have alighted). When her essence lips come into contact with my member, she whimpers loudly and slowly lowers its tightness into the whole of me.

My member is thick. This means that its quite sometime before she takes the whole of it inside her and when she does, she rests on it and I hear a sigh escape from her lips. She leans back towards me and starts moving up and down slowly.

“This is the tightest essence I have ever had babe”

“You like it, honey?”

“Yes, boo”.. I moan other than say… The thrusts are slow and calculated. She holds the front seat as she lets her essence come out and take in my rock hard manhood. We can’t grind on each other fast and loud because there are still some people on the bus.

After fifteen minutes of slow and sensual love making, she moans loudly that she is cumming and the hotness of the whole experience make my member spurt my soul deep inside her cherry. The feel of hot thick cum inside her makes her cum in a trembling experience I haven’t felt before. Her cherry muscles tighten around my manhood and her juices furiously flow out of her and drip into my trouser and the seat after making my thighs super wet.

When she tells me to go home with her to finish what we started, I think of the 49,000 (school fees) in my backpack and politely say no. She then gives me her number after which the bus takes off without me having a chance to give her mine.

I find myself dialing the number five minutes after she is gone.



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