Life is unfair. It’s hard and sometimes it is pathetically painful. All in all, life is what we make it to be or so I hear.

Relationships are what keep us alive. They keep us moving. They establish bridges that link us to the rest of the people around us. They make us healthy, reduce occurrences of heart problems according to psychiatry and the most important of all reduce depression.

Romance is the epitome of personal relationships. Romantic relationships over time have come to be the most common forms of interpersonal linkages between male and female beings attracted to each other.

Some define these relationships by love but for others, the glue that ties them to their other halves is the never-ending desire to be wanted by someone other than family. The feeling of mutual benefit that oozes from these relationships is what keeps some of us above ground. The sensation that comes with the fact that someone somewhere unconditionally cares about our well being is enough to swallow the compromise and keep on keeping on.

As the relationships progress, boredom may creep in making the people involved to admire the grass on the horizon. Infidelity kicks in and that’s when everything starts to crumble.

That person who made your heart beat a little faster no longer does that… That person who made your stomach full of butterflies is just like any other out there… That person whose touch introduced goosebumps to your skin is just too damn boring.

What am I driving at? Cheating comes as an excuse to be adventurous. But Cheating is immoral. Unfaithfulness is sickening. Infidelity is a crime that challenges the moral campus that you’ve always looked upon for guidance.

Kwanza when a woman cheats!!!

It is just despicable. Cheating women should never be forgiven. They should never be given a second chance. They are just useless. If a woman cheats once, there is a possibility she will do it again and again. Unfaithful women never change.

You see, women are emotional creatures. Unlike men, everything they do is calculated and more often than not it’s tied up with miles of emotion. To women, most of what they engage in must be emotionally fulfilling making emotional attraction a key factor in any man they drop their knickers for. Men can just hit it and it ends up at that. But women? Nah! They have to have liked a man to have chosen to part their legs for. If they are currently in a relationship, sleeping with another guy means that the guy possesses something their better half lacks. That’s a fact.

A man will sleep with a whore somewhere despite him having a luscious wife who is not only a great mother to his children, she cooks well, she cleans superbly, she is caring, good in bed, she has a bachelors degree, and most of them all she is respectable in all aspects there is. Their wife back at home may be everything they have ever wanted but they will just ‘hit’ it for the curiosity that lies in it. And that ends there.

Am told these emotional vulnerabilities can be blamed on oestrogen. But oestrogen makes women feminine. Being part of this female fraternity calls for patience, truthfulness and faithfulness. Women should never be caught dead sleeping around. That’s just against gravity. It’s against my beliefs and against societal expectations. Men are wild cats but that should not be an excuse either. Social clusters of moral standards may look the other way when a man becomes ‘wild’ but it will lych a woman who portrays traits that resemble the man’s without a second thought. Women should just zip up and accept society for what it is.

Man, if your woman cheats, am sorry to tell you that re-taming her is something that will never happen. If she allows another nigga to get a taste of it, my brother, run for the hills or better still kick her sorry ass out. She can’t retrace her steps to sanity. Allowing another brother in arms to devour her senseless, to put things inside her, to see what you alone is supposed to see is an insult not just to your relationship and her femininity but also to your masculine ego. Bruh, let her take a walk. She is the type that the devil doesn’t want to be associated with. So why should you?

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  1. Wow “an unfaithful woman is just useless” I agree and so is an unfaithful man even more useless. In today’s society, no gender is an excuse. In dolly parton’s words “my mistakes are no worse than yours just because, am a woman” . I say this for a fact that if you cheat on your woman, expect her to cheat too for the simple reason we are not of less matter,blood nor are we less humans, maybe just the bibilical ribs but for that I’ll need you to count mine and prove. But again, that’s only my opinion that I am entitled to.

  2. I respect your opinion just as you’ll end up respecting mine, that actually there’s no difference men do it again and even with worse people again and again……….no excuse!

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