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It’s been a while since I moved out. I have travelled home several times but I haven’t gone further than that in a while…Wait…

I was in Kilifi towards end of July. That place is beautiful. Everything is breathtakingly chilled and the atmosphere forms a perfect environment for rest, reflection and self appraisal. I wasn’t there for long but the few days I was around, I loved it.

I will be back soon.

So now I have a thousand miles plus from Nairobi to the place I am headed to. Sounds far yes and it is. It’s a new land that signifies a growth in opportunities, likelihoods and a new dimension for the company. Being our first anniversary, this means a lot.

It shows that the path we are trudging on, though not perfect is one that will open up lots of opportunities. As we work towards going global, in terms of event listings and hosting, this is an opportune moment to learn from our very own experience. Graciously I take on the task of documenting the do’s, the flops, the chances and the don’ts.

It’s an interesting journey down south.

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