Make no mistake, oppression is rooted in moral compromise. One that encompasses the belief that there’s nothing you can do about the current state of affairs. Being used to a status quo where you have 8 hours of a boring job, servicing a strenuous mortgage, putting up with a stressful partner with the boring excuse of ‘kids’. You get used to living the life of a Quartz clock that you become irritated by anything that threatens your ‘normal’ way of life.

The excuse of ‘I have no choice’ feeds the fire that oppressive regimes count on to heat the oils used to massage their egos as they make the most of your fear of the unknown. They count on your imagined distress of what may be in the process making the most of it through amassing wealth that ‘guarantees’ your security from enemies, whether imagined or real.

It is an election year.

The battle this time round should be one between value, service and integrity against misogyny, oppression and senseless rhetoric but unfortunately, as it has always been it will be one of might, tribal politics and sycophancy.

Being a country that boasts of half a century plus of self-rule, ideally, our politics should be defined by what the citizenry stands to gain after election of an individual but instead we are faced by the never ending politics of tribalism, cronyism, nepotism and who knows who.

This has resulted in the country being placed at the hands of few political families that have been at the helm of power since ’63. Whether in government or the opposition, we have been ruled by fathers for decades who, after squandering the little that our country boasts of in resources, handed over the instruments of power to their sons who without failure took over the looting mantle from their life givers.

We have seen fathers die leaving the country in the hands of their tribal sons who don’t give a rats ass about the well being of this country.

In this battle for votes, let us also fight for good governance alongside better livelihoods for all Kenyans. We deserve that if not more.


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