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Rose Makau

The world is a void filled by souls of heartless beings. Beings that won’t flinch before they throw you into an abyss of pain and suffering. This world is a twisted creation where you can’t afford to let your gut down lest the turnmoil turns around and swallows you whole.

Here We are all in a quest,a quest to form unions,some caused by love others by convenience,all this in the hope to fill the empty voids in our souls.

More often than not we end up committed or confined in one way or another,some for long life alliances filled with lies,deceit, pain and worry while others get content with what they have.

That’s why sometimes when you see a smile in that beautiful girl across the street it doesn’t mean everything is fine but that there’s undying hope and patience that things can work out for her. She harbours the beliefย  that every second the heart beats and the brain functions she has to hold on and work out her way towards that happy ever after ending.

Talking of happy endings, is the concept tangible and proven or does it only exist in fairy tales? It might be a real phenomenon only if our quest for unions is pure,selfless and content. This isย  because when you subtract pity,lies and blackmail; when openness but not secrecy characterizes our every day lives, something great can be born out of us.

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