People see what’s infront of them,

But not all see the same,

All I know is that everytime I hear her voice,

Sometimes I can’t even remember your name,


In your eyes shines a picture of desire and passion,

In your sultry voice sounds sweetness, eroticism and compassion,

In the passion of your actions radiates an aura of recollection and determination,

Sweet memories and secret promises,

The softness of your lips, that keeps me calling, everyday.


Nothing means more to me,

Than what I always crave to see, from yourWhatsApp avi,

In your smile there’s tenderness like a soft caress, I need it,

The curve of your lips, in that special way,

Your beautiful smile makes all seem okay.


When you talk I cling on every word you say,

When you laugh, I hang onto the sound all day,

When you text, I read the message time and again,

For I haven’t yet met you,

Wherever you are, I am counting the moments,

Until I feel you in my arms.


All I want is to have you here with me,

All I long for is to listen to your English days with no end,

All my eyes crave for is the sight of you, amazing one,

Yes, all I desire is you and no more.


The authorKen

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