​I won’t waste time with mediocrity walks down memory lane,

I won’t try to expound on my yesterday,

Or how I was today,

It would surprise me if you give a hoot..

But I won’t say,

Not because I can’t,

But because I won’t, basically,

I will regret this ultimately,

But I won’t recall this day,

Because I am on a high,

Yes, another high,

That doesn’t include your thigh.


Forget it.

Never mind…

You know, I think about you. You.. mostly.. not I or us.. you. It’s because I was more invested in you than us. I cared more about your happiness than our happiness, you know, you I and our relationship. We were always three. Or so I thought… That’s you individually, I individually and you and I as one(our relationship).

I thought over time we had succeeded in building another personality that merged you and I into one. Our Super personality. One that chose trust over jealousy, pettiness for oneness, lies to honesty, effectiveness over shortcuts, depth over fickleness…

That’s what I thought.

Yesterday you called. I am sorry I just looked on as the phone rang.


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