I will cry, but just for a moment,

The lump will choke me,

My mouth run dry,

My eyes will wet,

But it will be for a moment.


I will look at you n get angry,

Squirm with anger and frustration,

Drown in the pain and exasperation,

Feign a smile while dying within,

But it will be for a moment.


For the sun will shine,

The next day bring out the rainbow,

The birds will sing my melody,

The drumbeats mimic my heartbeats,

For it was just for a moment.


I will be gone,

Take a leap and be lost,

In my own world away from yours,

And I will be glad,

Even try to smile,

For it was just for a moment.


I will regain my sanity,

Eventually have a grip on my pains,

And you will have your fame,

Basking in feigned attention,

Left, right, they will call your name,

But it will be for a moment


Soon they will be gone,

Driven by your thirsts and wants,

Of things beyond your grasp and reach,

They will hit and sprint,

And you will remember my tears,

For it was just for a moment.



In that single moment of anger you’ll be gone,

Trust that held us tight  is all torn,

And just like that our story will be blown

In a single moment of anger the torture of separation will clearly be drawn.



And will I have a choice Graciella ?

Will I hold on with you already gone?

How will I wait with you already on a flight?

With him,

By him,

For him?


You’re talking of trust?

How about mistrust?

Our story?

Forgot the it will be by history,

Since you were too greedy…



If I had a choice I would stay

If you had treated me right not like some prey

If you loved me right by your side id still lay

Your infidelity led us astray

If you loved me right ken you’d have changed your way



Graciela did you say infidelity?

That’s such a triviality,

When all you knew was mock our similarities,

You fed our divisibility,

And all we can blame for this is your insensibility.


I treated you right,

Took you out almost every Saturday night,

I did everything, with all my might,

Never holding back, maybe I should’ve..

For maybe we wouldn’t be having this fight.



The Saturday nights ever divine

But did you ever think I needed more than you spending your dime,

I craved for some alone time

Away from your friends but it ever was a crime.

To you I was just a trophy

To show off as you walked in the lobby

I was just some puppet to give your shows which is your hobby.

Don’t call us love I know all about you and abby



Don’t bring Abby into this,

Unless you want me to talk about Chris,

I also haven’t forgotten Travis,

Don’t even remind me of Elvis.


Abby may have been a mistake,

But to you she would never equate,

Your transgressions I gave a blind eye,

Since everyone always said how you were so fly,

So don’t blame me for treating you like a trophy.



Like my priest I confessed all my transgressions,

Just to save you from the ghosts from my past

Did you think for once how id feel learning am not your main in the cast,

Down the drain  went the trust,

Secondly the feelings that were to last.

Am going away to clean front the fall all the dust

Someday you will know I wasn’t your worst



You might not have been my last,

But you were a lesson, my last,

I wanted us to last, but you were always first,

To look beyond me, and beyond he that came first,

No one could just quench your thirst,

But I could just take too much, eventually, before I burst,

This is what you all along deserved,

Aloneness in the desert…



I’m not that lonely,

Im chasing the dreams I did forsake for you,

I’ll give people them feelings pure and true

Some day when its all through

I’ll tell my kids of the love that made me so blue.


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