Have I made enough impact if I went along?
Have I touched enough souls?
Blessed enough spirits?
Impacted enough beings?
Warmed enough persons?
Have my deeds been adequate if I suddenly collapsed and passed?
Have I changed enough mindsets?
Turned for the better, lost generations?
Guided errant teens and wayward younger ones?
Braved ridicule as I helped turn new leaves?
Have I been enough really?
Have I done my best?
Stretched my boundaries?
Gone beyond climax?
Shredded nights and day breaks…
Have I made the world a more hospitable place?
Done enough to leave a legacy…
Deep-rooted memories…
If I took my last breath today,
What would you remember most?
Would it be the binge nights out; or the hands I held?
Would it be the many times I erred; or the few I had it right?
Would it be my love for self-pity; or the enormity of my courage when I could?
Would it be my scolding of your wayward leadership; or my fight for a better existence?
Would it be the many times I asked for help; or the few times I rendered it?
Tell me;
Would you remember me for me or for whom you wanted me to be?
Would you miss my laughter or bless the heavens for taking me at my young age?
Or hell?
Would you long for the guidance I gave or would you wish I turned a blind eye?
Would you want me to have stayed longer, or would you be so quick to say goodbye?
Would you keep my memories alive or would you be in a hurry to move along…
How long would the tears last? If at all there would be any?
How long would the morning take? Or would you all do it in a hurry?
How long would you wear that black veil? Or would you dump it in an unprecedented urgency?
How long would the dirge keep playing?
How long would the flags of your hearts fly at half-mast?
If I skipped a beat to my last today,
I hope you remember me for who I am, who I was,
Not who you wanted me to be.
If the heavens call me home today,
I hope the smiles I cause, the change I advocated,
Lasts a lifetime but most importantly gets someone to champion it on.
If I croak today,
For the love of country and humanity,
I hope you empathize more, understand more and listen more.
With my passing today, I hope life becomes more humane and that my actions previously help in the shaping of this reality.

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