It’s their desire to hold us at ransom,
It’s their desire to keep us in check,
It’s their desire talk and keep us listening,
It’s their desire to rant, and keep us sympathizing,
It’s their desire…

It’s their desire to keep us poor,
And keep us begging.
It’s their desire to keep arguing,
And keep us supporting, them.
It’s their desire to keep us hungry,
And keep our arms, stretching.
It’s their desire to keep us divided,
And their rants keep screaming.

We slash and burn,
We rant and argue,
We hate and froth,
We push and kick,
At their call…

We have become intolerant,
We have become hateful,
We have turned spiteful,
We have blossomed into angry beings…
Because at the podium;
They feed on our barriers,
They thrive at our differences,
They flourish at our disquiet,
Their prosperity counts on our concerns,
They burgeon at the diversity of our opinions.

Enough is enough,
They want conflict? Let them take the machetes,
They want war? Let their sons lead from the frontline,
They want revenge? Let their kin lead for us to follow,
They want evictions? We won’t do it for them.


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