Cut and paste,

Emotions untraced,

A past ungraced,

Survival that she distates,

Life’s made her two-faced,




Then witful, she’s now slow paced,

Pale – faced,

Laughter and happiness is just an after taste..

Saddened by her state,

I would like to set up a date,

I know me she can’t date,

Since nature already sealed my fate,

She and I something we can create,

Maybe her hurt, from her heart vacate,

Gone we can guarantee the hate,

And the softness in her soul locate,

The pain inside her isolate,

The mistrust obliterate,

I can try all this because I can relate,

To her suffering and pain,

They have been my emotions, the main,

From her I desire no gain,

I just want her to experience, not just feel the rain,

I hope these efforts aren’t in vain,

I believe she’s too young her life to be stained.

© Ken_NM


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