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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The story also contains explicit erotic and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

He grabbed her leg again and rubbed the knee. She allowed it. She smiled seductively at him, dimples forming perfectly, teeth shining in the dim light, soft pale brown eyes glowing. Her coal black hair was straight and fell perfectly a few inches below her shoulders…

She was wearing a blue top and a skirt that barely covered her legs. They were long. The legs. She never shied away from showing them to anyone who cared to look. She had on several occasions caused traffic snarl-ups as guys; both male and female tried to get a glimpse of those legs.

But she knew she belonged to him. She never shied away from showing it to the world. That fact made him proud. It made everyone else jealous. Very few people believed he deserved her. She was high born; the complete opposite of him and she had the looks, the height and a body to kill for.

She belonged on the runway. She had chosen to be with him instead, giving up a modeling career to raise their daughter.

To mark their 3 years anniversary, she had pierced her tongue.  There’s this thing about that pierced tongue; especially when she opened her mouth to speak. The way the silver barbell glowed on the surface of her tongue made him shiver every time.

Anytime she kissed him, he let his tongue feel the smooth and cold nature of that silver barbel. His head always went crazy every time it felt the barbell’s cold nature on its surface. When they started out, immediately after the piercing, he always slithered in bed because of the thrill and some type of fear as her lips took him into her. As time progressed, he got used to it and looked forward to every interaction between the two. He wouldn’t trade the piercing for anything.

Her smile was as infectious as it was memorable. It was the solution to so many of their hardships through law school…

That day was a rather unusual one. The gods had decided to show their fury…or was it a competition of who could strike harder. Thunder was roaring into the covertness of the afternoon, lightning flashing every now and then like a broken bulb in a ghostly hallway. It was unusual for either of them to have a day off from work at the same time.

As he sat there engrossed in the thrills, turns, and twists of Stephen king’s ‘the stand ‘she was laying with her head on his lap watching tv.

He was completely oblivious to what she was watching as all his concentration was on what he was reading. Although it was raining heavily outside and the clouds were dark as coal, it was unbearably hot indoors and he had a short and a vest on.

Suddenly, his concentration on the book went to the dogs when he felt a cool hand with a gentle touch slithering into the insides of his thighs. As if in greeting, he felt his member getting hard as blood rushed down there to say hi and welcome the intruder…

He inwardly smiled as the soft hand got a grip on his growing member. A hand that was so familiar after 7 years of groping, caressing and making him hard. He loved its softness, its gentleness, the small and fragile nature of its fingers…

It’s a hand that he had intertwined his fingers on numerous occasions that drifted between struggle, dominion, heartache, pain and merry. It’s a hand he trusted. A hand he had slipped a ring on not so long ago…

He was rock hard and suddenly the raining stopped; at least in his head. It was just she and him. She opened the zipper of his shorts and got him out. He was demanding for attention. He longed for it. He longed for her. He always acknowledged her summons. He was here for her to command and give direction.

She looked into his closed eyes and he could feel her smile. She knew the effect she had on him. Deep down, she knew he loved and lived for her. He opened his eyes and looked down at her. She was staring directly into his eyes as she held his hard member in her small hands. It was big and as such, she couldn’t grasp the whole girth of her small hands.

The skirt had ridden up her thighs and her beautiful legs were all visible for him to devour. Her thighs were full. They had shades of chocolate and honey. The top was low cut and upon seeing him trying to look down her neck, she let go of his member, leaving it standing upright and seductively took off the top.

After giving birth to two beautiful girls, her breasts were still as firm, succulent and sensitive as he remembered them on the very first day he felt them. Her areolas were dark and daunting but the whole other breast was brown… her nipples were small and standing to attention just as his member did.

She knew he loved them.

“you want a taste baby?”

He couldn’t talk as he stared at them. They were beautifully made. They gave him life. From their gentleness, he found a pillow… An erotic pillow…

She didn’t wait for his answer. Kneeling down between his legs, she pulled down his shorts and let his member free at last. He wasn’t wearing briefs. He usually didn’t when in the house.

He felt the warmth in the house come into contact with his swollen manhood. He was ready for her and everything she represented. The ac was on but there was some warmth as her lips approached that part of his body. It was an exhilarating feeling. As if on cue, he closed his eyes as she took him into her mouth. The initial contact between his skin and the barbell made him shiver in erotic satisfaction.

She struggled to get it all in but she managed to take a third of it into her mouth. Her lips and tongue toyed with his glans as her left hand played with his balls. Her nipples got hard; partly from the shiver from the ac and partly from the effect of his fingers as they went over their surface over and over again.

Karen slobbered on it like she was dying of thirst and his male elegance contained the only water for miles around. She used her tongue, deep throating him right off the bat, and everything was very wet and slippery. It was a messily erotic affair.

She knew her way around his nether region. When she wasn’t sucking his balls she was licking his essence from the base to the top, biting and sometimes letting her tongue up his shaft and around it.

After slurping and tonguing him for approximately thirty minutes, she grabbed him by the hips and pulled him into her mouth so that he was deep throating her. He got the hint and started penetrating her mouth fairly cavernously and she pulled him in even harder so that he was basically going straight down her throat. He kept f*cking her throat as hard as he could and she never tried to stop him, even while she was gagging.

Then she suddenly stopped and lifted her skirt up her waist and over her head. He was getting out of his seat to give her some good licking but she stopped him. She pushed him back on the seat and straddled her legs so that her cherry was just over his head.

With the door closed every pretense fell. The facade they showed to the world melted away and all they wanted was to f*ck each other’s brains out. Every kiss had a raw intensity – breathing fast, heart rates faster.

“I want you to ravish me babie”

Karen then lowered herself slowly over his glowing head. Glowing from her saliva and its hardness… The light from the overhead bulb made it shine in a consuming kind of way. She held him at the entrance to her womanhood and stayed there for a little bit longer.

His member lingered on her lips for a while as it felt her wetness. She was eager, as he could feel the throbbing emanating from deep inside her. Without sanctioning his penetration, she glided over his manhood, again and again, smearing her juices all over his member.

She wanted him to be as wet as she was.

Lowering her lips to his, she kissed him hungrily as she finally allowed him to penetrate her walls. She was tight, wet and the feeling was exhilarating. He bit his lips as he felt her walls carve inside to accommodate his swelling passion. He was hard and her womanhood provided a safe haven to his vulnerable longings.

Her muff housed his passion, his vulnerable existence and as he was buried deep inside her he felt his eyes close as he lived to devour the moment, the one single moment where their individualities melted and they were merged into one.

Karen was his drug. One touch of her lips on his neck and his intoxication was precooked. Whatever she wanted them to do is what they would do and there wasn’t a thing he could do to stop her – not that he’d want to.

Just her scent sent him into a heady trance, one that didn’t end until their bodies were soaked and still once more, just warm and snuggled in as close as two souls could be. As her lips felt the softness of his, he grabbed her by her ass and lifted her softly and brought her down to him slowly and surely.

Then she slapped his hands away and whispered to him;

“Today I will be in control; so you be a good boy and don’t move your hands. I’m gonna drive you crazy, then stop, then do it all over again until you beg me to finish this. Even then, I won’t. I’m just gonna do every naughty things to you until your mind and body explode.”

She then took off from him and led him to the bedroom.

There was a glow of red and a scent of eroticism in the room. The red scented candles ensured that this made the environment more romantic. He had thought that the incident in the sitting room had been an impromptu one but she had seen it coming.

The bedroom was evidence of that.

He was in for a ride. His shorts were now off and he didn’t even know how his polo t-shirt got off. She was in control. He liked it when she was in control. Karen had a way of making him long for her. The fan was humming quietly making the room possess a kind of cool that brought goosebumps on his skin. It was going to be an interesting evening.


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