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Saturday is finally here. Yesterday was a bit eventful because the GM just scrapped Saturday workdays so I, and everyone else in the office had to go an extra mile to prove we deserved the whole weekend off.

The usual tradition involved working on Saturdays till midday. Most of those were usually spent nursing hangovers, watching movies, reading the Bible (for those of us in the SDA) or just trying to get inside each other’s pants.

Waste of time. I wish Mheshimiwa knew this.

So yesterday was a bit different. It was thrilling to consider that we had the whole of Sabbath day to ourselves. We made the calls, sent the emails, hoarded and submitted reports and finally gave Saturday workdays the middle finger.

I went out but came back home alone.


There is a new intern in the office. She has been throwing clues here and there but I hadn’t budged till she asked for my number from the HR and called me. They are cousins. She and the HR.

She didn’t call at first though. She texted, I responded (because I knew it was her) and the rest, as they say, was imagined and acted out through endless messaging, flirting, sexting and imagining a whole range of possibilities.

I asked her to listen to Crush by Yuna and Usher as I watched. Her, not the song.

She blushed throughout the song. Her dimples are deep which means my head (the one with a brain) was in a tailspin for the whole four minutes the song lasted.

Immediately she was done, she looked at me and winked, smiling. I smiled back and that’s the moment I knew I was in trouble. The intimate kind of trouble. I enjoyed the thrill of watching her as she ran algorithms on her iPad, tests on her pc, commands on STATA and away with my feelings.

It was exhilarating. But we never met outside the office. We understood what would happen if we crossed that line and we were too cowardly to confirm it by throwing caution to the wind. Maybe we were smart.

She was in the third year doing a degree in Computer engineering. I had finished my first degree a year before I saw her sitting at the reception desk.

She is small bodied so every time I hug her she disappears into my embrace. I like this because she has a confident (great) body, well-rounded boobs, a shapely derriere and arms that can’t quite encircle the whole of my body. She likes staying there and every time she and I are saying goodbye, she lingers there for a while.

Yesterday, as we were heading home, I asked her to come over to my place. I would make her lunch… or so I said. She didn’t expect me to say that so she looked into my eyes while at the same time folding her hands behind me.

I am leaning on the wall surrounding the Sarit center and some of our colleagues are waiting for us just next to Ngara stage. We can see them since the curio shops have since been demolished and from the distance, some are deciding whether to go home alone or not.

“Are you sure?” She asks.

There is a way she twists her lips when she is unsure of a decision she is about to make.

“Yes, I am sure. I have waited for too long to taste those lips.” I respond.

She smiles because she expected the response from me.

I at one time whispered to her how much I longed to go down on her in a meeting the CEO was chairing. I have never seen someone blush the way she did.

So she expected a cocky response.

“I want to feel every inch of this skin that has always been hidden from me with my tongue.” I add.

“Sawa basi. I have always wanted to come but I never knew how you would take it. So I didn’t ask or raise the matter…” She says as she leans on my chest.

“Your friends are waiting. You need to go. Besides, I want you to get home early so that your mum can be convinced of how much of a good girl you are so that when you tell her you have some place to go tomorrow, she won’t ask questions” I say to her as I disentangle her hands from my lower back at the same time looking into her eyes.

She has big beautiful eyes. They see the whole of me.

“Okay babie,” she says that and leaves.

It’s the first time she had called me that. I loved the feeling. I watched her as she went to the matatu stage and walked home.

We texted the whole night.

So here I am. Its finally Saturday and I am excited. I have just cleaned the bedsitter and everything is speckles. Some chicken meat is sizzling on the frying pan the pilau is on top of the sink cooling down.

The cleaning lady showed up early and all my clothes are hanging out on the line to dry. She cleaned the house too.

My phone vibrates and it’s Carol.

Her: Babie, nimepanda mat Tao. Nishukie wapi?

Me: Ambia konda akushukishie mwisho.

Her: Sawa. See you in a few minutes.

Me: 😍

I go out to my movie guy and request him to give me “addicted”. This choice is informed by the fact that she has mentioned the movie to me several times before.

It’s 12:45 pm when she calls and informs me of her arrival.

“Get a motorbike and ask the guy to bring you to Mount View Apartments”.


I head back to the house and ensure everything is ready for her. God knows I have been ready for quite a while myself.

When she shows up at the gate, she is in an overflowing black dress, some expensive looking sandals which I struggle to see, and dark sunglasses. She is holding her phone in her hand and that doesn’t surprise me. She isn’t the handbag type.

I pay the boda guy and usher her into the compound. Being a Saturday, most families are in and the snoopy types pop up in the balconies to welcome the new ‘visitor’.

We eat chatting up about her family then abruptly she stands from where she is seated, comes and sits on my lap astride.


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