See me for me, not through rose-coloured glasses or the image-enhancing filters of an app; refusing to judge or downplay my weakness, reveling in my strength yet not dwelling on it; accepting, completely, that there will be lumps in the batter sometimes and always choosing to let them be.
Be there when I need you (and when I pretend not to), still enough for me to listen to your breathing and patient enough to infect me with your calmness.

Pour out tenderness like the swollen sky weeps rain in April, soaking me to my soul with pain-erasing drops of softness; a torrent that leaves me grateful to be so vulnerable to you.

Wrap your arms around me, wrap your large heart around me, wrap your unfathomable mind around me without smothering me; putting out old fires, starting new ones and warming me today so I can warm you tomorrow.

Grace my presence with your attention, uninterrupted by human or machine; eyes meeting yours, holding and following as if in a dance of wordless conversation.

Lie with me in semi-darkness, our favourite sounds lighting up the space around us in ways the stars cannot comprehend.

Grow with me, stronger together than we can ever be apart; grow into me as I grow into you, finding more of each other as we get lost in us.

Stay, so wherever I turn I’ll find you there, shades of you in everything of mine you have touched (my heart, most of all), my life intertwined with yours.

Bless me with your future as I offer you mine; our pasts not dwelled upon but acknowledged, understood and left behind because this imperfect now we are working out will always be better than a thousand maybes in which we never meet.

 O. F


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