The music get louder, the night darkens, the crowd gets rowdier as they chear on. She moves her hips from a pole to the next lost in her nastiness or is it her drunkenness. The alcohol has obviously taken a toll on her right and sense to reason. Once in a while her drink spills from her glass but she doesn’t care.

Out of nowhere she decides that they should do something more adventurous.

“Let’s go to a strip club” she blurts out.

“What?” Her friends ask in unison.

“Yea”. I want to know what those ladies possess that we don’t.”

“Are you sure?”

“Let’s go.”

Who doesn’t love strippers? In no time she’s scrambling her drunk ass out of the club with her ‘girlfriends’. The engine fires up, the directions are fed into the vehicle’s navigation system, lipstick is redone, bras adjusted and the dresses get tighter and shorter. The excitement in the vehicle is indescribable.

Why would girls be excited about seeing the naked body of another woman? That’s a rhetorical question.

As the vehicle moves towards the strip joint, the streets become more deserted and the lights get dimmer as they leave sanity behind and enter the sinful sides of the city. The night is chilly but some are sweating from the dancing happening in the vehicle from the surround system thats part of the Uber automobile.

In no time the inner side of their forearms are being stamped in an ultraviolet stamp that’s only visible in darkness. To the naked eye it isn’t. The place is packed. Thirsty, sex starved guys sit at tables surrounding the sripper poles and at the far end of the front array of tables they spot some seats and head there.

The poles are 5 and in all of them there is a girl feeding the darkest fantasies of the revellers.

On stage is a tall dark haired, light skinned girl announcing what’s on the menu for the night.

There’s the VIP and the regular menu. VIP apparently is for the more adventurous type. Its the project X section of the establishment since no one comes out a virgin or starved. I doubt there’s any virgin who goes in. The regular section is for the reserved, amateurs or generally broke guys who can’t cough up the 300 dollars charged as entry to the orgy section.

As soon as the ‘mc’ leaves the stage, a girl, 23 or so kickstsrts the adult hour since it’s midnight. She has her braids covering a quarter of her face but her eyes are pulled back. She is cute in a sorry kind of way. Every part of her body is slim from her face to her long sporty ebony legs.

On one side of the stage is a water bucket. She dips a white cloth inside and uses it to cleanse the pole of demons and evil spirits. She then runs her small hands the entire length of the pole feeling its slippery nature and in the process evoking some rushed breathing from the most starved men in the hall. All eyes are on her.

The ladies watch on. Learning. Listening. Breathing. Some yearning.

She uses the attention to her advantage. Her not so there ass rolls from side to side, up and down as she rests her hands on the pole feeling, getting lost in serving humanity…


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