“How can get a copy within CBD?”

“Call this number or send us an email to”

“Let me do an email”

“Thank you”

Three minutes later I write the email and make an order for ‘Tears of the Pen’ a poetry book written by a bubbly locked girl called Qui. With a Q.

In a poetry event hosted in the US in 2017 dubbed Women of the World Poetry Slam, she emerged position 26 out of 96 participants in the tournament.

She is also the 2016 Slam African Queen.

She is that badass.

She promises to make the delivery on the afternoon of Friday 3rd.

When my phone rings some minutes after 2:30 that Friday afternoon, I think it’s her, but the Truecaller app says otherwise.

The last name displayed on the screen is Fundi.

I get disappointed.

I don’t think I pick up.

It calls again and upon picking up, a feminine voice tells me she is in the parking lot of our office block. Can I come down? She asks.

I fly down the flight of stairs and meet this calm lady with a backpack full of words and dreams, a white tee, black shorts, and locks.

She has a lively aura around her.

I ask her to come up to the office so that I can have my copy signed. She gracefully says yes.

We talk about the book, the publishing process, Versed, I ask her about the Kenyan Poets Lounge…

She has more deliveries to make so I don’t keep her. She signs my copy with a pen from Turkish airlines, I give her a branded pen (marketing 101) after which we leave the office to look for transportation to take her to the Mirage.

“I am almost finishing my second book.”

” That’s amazing. Let me know when it’s out. I might just get myself a copy”

“I will.”

She wants to get a bike to make navigating through Nairobi easier…

It’s something I am working towards too. We click on that front and also our love for words.

“I hope no one stops you for an autograph again”

“I hope not too. I am not a public figure. The only figure I am is private”

She laughs after saying that.

The Uber arrives, she leaves and I head back up to find myself in her tears.

If you are crazy about Poetry, the details on how you can get yourself a copy are in the attached poster.


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